Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guest Artist of the Month: Midahuen Yves (Midy)

Midy is an emerging West African artist from The Republic of Benin. He
got his initial impetus for creating professionally from training
with Ludovick Fadairo, to whom he was apprenticed for several years.
In artistic circles, Fadairo's name bears with it a mark of
distinction, as he is widely recognized as a master painter. Midy got
further exposure from his academic training in Ghana.

Midy is widely traveled in the West African sub region and has also
featured his works in Paris, France, where he also visited. In Nigeria
his works have been shown at the Harmattan Gallery 2007 and The Art
Expo in 2009 and 2010 respectively.His works have also been featured
at the 2009 edition of ARESUVA, an important biennale of visual arts
which takes place in Abuja

Midy's current works imbibe with it the institutional philosophy of
the Harmattan Workshop Series, an Annual event organized by the Bruce
Onobrakpeya Foundation. At this art gathering and retreat for visual
artists, which he has attended several times, best practices in the
formal, informal and traditional arts are shared with participants.
These ideas serve to sustain and rekindle their artistry and
creativity. Midy's current works show examples of the gains of this
vision and therefore must be commended.

Midy and a host of others artists like Ovraiti and Duke Asidere, who
show demonstrable examples of understanding this important and
critical fusion of best practices in the arts, deserve our support and
commendation. Midy and artists of the Harmattan Workshop
Experience, serve the important role of not just being relevant in our
collective search for community, but also answering the question, by
redefining the issues, of what new Role the Contemporary arts of
Africa must fill, to produce it's most enduring images.


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