Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Masterpieces of Nigerian Art

Masterpieces of Nigerian Art Catalogue

Title: Masterpieces of Nigerian Art
Author: Ekpo Eyo
ISBN: 978-878-8204-08-4
Binding: Hard Cover
Year of Publication: 2008
Publisher: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Masterpieces of Nigerian Art is a bold tribute to the artistic heritage of the country's ancestors. The works included in this colourful 255-paged book are spectacular and breath-taking. The quality that shines through this book could only have come from such master art scholar as Prof. Eyo. Works in the book tell the story in its entirety about the great skills, vision and deep thoughts that went into the works. What comes through is a feeling of awe as the reader is drawn to drink deep from the creative wisdom that fashioned them. The two hundred pieces presented in this book are clear testimony to a glorious civilization that the present generation can be proud of, which was by no means primitive.

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