Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ibiebe Alphabets and Ideograms

ISBN: 978-2509-49-3
Binding: Hard Cover
First published: 2006
Publisher: Ovuomaroro Studio Press
Subject: African Studies
STATUS: Available

This book has introductions by Drs. Richard Singletary and Pat Oyelola.
The Ibiebe series by Bruce Onobrakpeya features his invented script of ideographic geometric and curvilinear glyphs. The designs reflect the artist's knowledge of his Urhobo heritage, rich in symbols and the proverbs they elicit, as well as his appreciation of Chinese, Japanese, Ghanaian and Nigerian calligraphy. Onobrakpeya invented and refined this script called Ibiebe from 1978 to 1986, when he revisited in his art, ideas linked with traditional religion, customs and history. The artist clearly delights in the script's forms and visual qualities as well as its power to communicate.These ibiebe ideograms which are often abstract, also lend themselves to calligraphic, painterly and sculptural presentation.

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