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Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation: Capacity Building

Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation: Educational and Capacity Building Activities

The objective is to solicit funds for the various areas of activities of the Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation BOF), which namely are

1. Documentation and Research into Contemporary Nigerian Art.
2. Industrial Attachment/Training Facilities.
3. Artist in Residence Facilities.
4. Exhibitions of Artworks and Seminars.

The need has arisen to provide and preserve a lasting legacy for even generations unborn of Nigerians of the artistic works and aesthetic artistic visual landmarks (paintings, sculptures, etchings, drawings, prose) and of the renowned Nigerian artist, who has worked as a professional artist, a period preceding even preceding Nigeria's political independence.

The second need is to preserve over 2000 pieces of unique antiques and artifacts valued at several tens of thousands of dollars collected by Bruce Onobrakpeya all through his professional life as an artist, at various phases of his career, some of these collected as far back as his student days in Zaria in Northern Nigeria, pieces of folk art, that may have served as a basis for inspiration and models for his contemporary pieces and Designs, in his chosen medium of print making and painting.

Thirdly creating an educational forum, where artists can in a non-formal way interact, through a forum for sharing, skill and talent recognition and exchange of ideas in individual and group discussions with several Artists at different levels of professional development

Finally to make available research results and documentation materials on contemporary Nigerian art Available to all, hat different levels of students can benefit from this vast and extensive resource base of books collected in the area of the visual art and Nigerian contemporary art collected by Bruce Onobrakpeya since his student days in Zaira, Nigeria in the 1950's.

the plan will be to have

A Gallery of Contemporary Art
Folk Art Museum for the Civilization of the Niger Delta
Annual Hamattan Workshop Series/Exhibition/Lectures and Seminars Documentation Centre Reference Library

1. Bruce Onobrakpeya Collection of Experimental Art Works The aim of the collection is to preserve and display for public enjoyment and studies fine examples of Bruce Onobrakpeya's art works produced through the process called "experiments" and "metamorphosis". The collection will have drawings, plates, moulds and pieces which are not necessarily finished, but are valuable because they show various stages of artistic development. The collection will come from Bruce Onobrakpeya's donation and from donations or loans by my family and in future collectors. This permanent display will not be limited to Agharha-Otor, some of the pieces will be shown at the Lagos Annexes of Papa Ajao and Ejigbo.

2. Collection of Folk Art (Folk Art Museum) The collection of over 2,000 pieces of folk and antique art which has been gradually assembled over the years, is for the purpose of study and inspiration,
for creation of art works. The objects come mainly from Nigeria and West Africa hence the subtitle "

The Museum of the Civilization of the Niger Delta" Pieces from other parts of Africa are also in the collection. These will increase with time, although the main focus will always be West Africa.

Bruce Onbrakpeya's Collection of Contemporary Art: The collection is made up of art works of Nigerian and foreign artists already in my possession. It will focus on the historical development of Nigerian prints. It will grow with the acquisition of unique example of art pieces including those which emerge from various art workshops like the Annual Harmattan Workshop Series.

Harmattan Workshops

The Agbarha-Otor centre will run annual workshops which will primarily introduce techniques to interested participants who will
be invited from time to time. The workshops will also serve as forum to bring artists together both to share ideas and inspire one another. This workshops have been proven to provide a forum for interaction, skill and talent recognition, as different artists will converge at the Workshop each year, to encourage the exploration of artistic expr-essions .The Workshop also proposes to be a focal point for the new art forms of expression, and traditional ones to create a synthesis. This synthesis will have components whichintegrate ever- evolving technology. In so doing this workshop will become a forum for continually defining new ideas, and at the same time facilitate the celebration various art cultures in Nigeria and elsewhere.

5. Library and Auditorium/Conference Centre as a temporary measure, space will be created in the first phase for reference books and an auditorium. Unprecedented increase in the costs of library books, periodicals and materials have made library development a serious concern for a lot of libraries across the country. The Bruce Onobrakpeya Reference Centre is no exception. Eventually proper Library and Reference Centre will be built to house a library as well as create forum for seminars, symposia, slide shows, lectures, films, folktales and musical demonstrations. This will be invaluable to student and scholars. For research and dissertation writing, documentation and seminars.

6. Ejigbo Annex (extension of the studio and gallery at Papa Ajao, Lagos) will cater for industrial a trainees, and Artist in Residence or exchange schol
ars. A new feature to be introduced will be the running of print edition by studio master printmakers or by guest artists themselves.
The results of these are plentiful and numerous

The Folk Museum

The collection shown side by with Bruce Onobrakeya pieces will aid the study and understanding of creative process founded on the philosophy of synthesis. The collection of the folk art works and evidence of material civilizat
ion which is an on-going process, will also serve as reference to folk and contemporary literature.

The Harmattan Workshop There will be Annual artistic retreats tagged The Harmattan Workshop. This will the gap for an educational forum where artists ca
n interact and share ideas in a non formal environment and benefit from the beauty of the environment of the Delta.

The Bruce Onobrakpeya Collection: The fairly wide gamut of the different techniques/media of Bruce Onobrakpeya will be experienced under one roof. The various era and period that have characterizedhis works will be displayed and made available for all and sundry to see.

Library and Conference Centre: Library and Conference Facilities Reference materials and cutting edge books on African art and other areas will be available for students at various levels to benefit from. These will include slides, journals periodicals monographs etc..

Artist in Residence Facilities This will allow for artist in Residence facilities where scholars and visitors or exchange programs can come and work up to 3 months.
These programmes and including the infrastructure have become so capital intensive and increasingly difficult to continue. By wholly or partially contributing your gifts or donation to make it possible to purchase the technology, equipment and
infrastructure development needed for the activities.

You are invited be a friend and help the Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation meet the challenges of building a strong institution, founded on the alternate education style of seminars, symposia, workshop, residency programmes and exhibitions. your generous support to this course will ensure that many budding artists will not only have a fulfilling career, but will also become a positive influence on the society.

Together we can make a long-term commitment that will help the BOF continue its programmes of training, and nurturing first class artists.