Eminent ladies, gentlemen and students I am grateful to the Grange School authority for nominating me as their Artist In Residence for the year 2016.  This year’s programme is a joint training in printmaking between the famous school at Ikeja and Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation (BOF) Harmattan Workshop Series in Agbarha – Otor.

I praise the Grange School for creating the forum where art practioners interact with their students every year. I have been involved through the Harmattan Workshop with this type of training for many years and as such, I consider the partnership as a very healthy and profitable trend in our educational system.

I commend very highly the performance of the selected students in the project.  They were excited and very involved in the different processes of creating and drawing out multiple art works from the templates.  I am sure that by now, they recognize that printmaking is both artistic and scientific and that it also lends itself to experimentation which is at the root of modern developments.

I thank the Grange School art teachers and other workers for all that they have done to make the workshop a huge success. Here I must mention Mr. Onajobi Olumide the Head of the art department .  My thanks go to the team from the Harmattan Workshop – Mrs. Juliet Maja-Pearce, Ojo Olaniyi and Dele Oluseye, who are the facilitators or instructors also to our two co-ordinators, Bode Olaniran and Moses Unokwah.  I thank Udeme Nyong for the secretarial works and other assistants for fabricating some of the materials and assembling both tools and equipment necessary for the workshop.

Finally, I like to appeal to individuals and cooperate groups to help us with funds that will enable us continue the interactive and instructive  programmes of the Harmattan Workshop Series which have in the past benefited both young and old.  Thank you

Bruce Onobrakpeya   MFR
Chairman Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation
June 19, 2016.