Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sambisa Forest Installation and letter to the Chibok girls by Bruce Onobrakpeya.

Dear Chibok Girls,

This to let you know that our spirits are there with you in the Sambisa Forest where you have been suffering in the hands of kidnappers for a period of over 510 day.  As grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, citizens of Nigeria and the world, we share your pains.  We daily work and pray for your release from the forbidden forest.  I feel intensely what you are going through because I too had been kidnapped as a child during the Ekene festival but was miraculously rescued before being taken away into the forest.
I dedicate this installation called “Sambisa Forest” to you.  It is a prayer to the supreme intelligence for your release.

In the picture protesting mothers parade behind totems which represent you girls, the armed insurgents, denied or delayed laurels and most importantly, starves of empowerment which you will receive at the end of your travail.

Finally dear girls, don’t loose hope, your present state may be a design by the creator to put you at the top of the world


 Obo –me-yoma
09 – 09 -2015